Protective Property Trust

Many people have concerns that their homes may be used to fund care costs in later life. A Protective Property Trust can help you protect your home and ensure that it is passed on to the people you care about. The way it works is fairly straight forward. Most people own their homes jointly meaning that typically the house passes to their spouse on first death and to their children or beneficiaries on second death. 

Severing the tenancy of the property will mean that Mr and Mrs own 50% of the property each as 'tenants in common'.

The will is written 'in trust' so upon 1st death, instead of leaving the share of the property to the surviving spouse, the assets will be held in trust for the beneficiaries of the will. The surviving spouse has a 'life interest or 'right of occupancy' and can live in the property for life or substitute it for another one.

If either partner requires care in the future, they only have interest in half the home. Therefore 50% is immediately protected.

A Protective Property Trust is the most affordable way of helping you protect your share of your home. 

With second marriages becoming more common, it is possible that inheritance can pass to another family. A Protective Property Trust can help with this too.